FULCO Institute of Research and Development
  • Implemenation of the ambitious R & D projects.

    We participate in a prestigious Research and Development consortium cooperating with leading Polish universities. The latest finished project is micro ECG device for monitoring of person's vital functions in dynamic enviroment. In this project our responsibilities were: execution, interface design, funcionality, final look and commericialization.

    Currently we are in process of realization of the non-invasive scanner for examination of the burns and poorly-healing wounds.

  • Commercialization and implementation of the new products.

    The FULCO Capital Group, who ownes the Research and Development Institute expertizes in designing, production and commercialization of the new products with the great added value. The team has many-years experience in designing the solutions, which meet the highest demands of the market, as well as in building the consistent marketing and sales network.

  • The team with rich, many-years experience in innovation.

    Among the Institute's employees, there are persons with many-years experience in innovation, automation and mechanization and among collaborators - professors of the top Polish technological, medical and military universities.

  • Is a part of the FULCO Capital Group.

    The FULCO Capital Group was founded in 2003 and due to diversity of member companies, it participates in: medical, construction, design, automotive markets. The main compentences are: engineering design, creation and management of the technologies and production. All the developped solutions and products are being commercializated under group's own brands.